AME Students Build Network At Boeing

Senior Lab Manager Jeffrey Vargas (in red) and AME students outside of Boeing’s Satellite Division. PHOTO/JEFFREY VARGAS.

For years, Los Angeles has been synonymous with surf and sunshine. But for its engineering students, its proximity to key industry leaders in aerospace has been even more top of mind. In the last year, the USC Viterbi Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering has brought students even closer to that space, providing opportunities to tour engineering labs at Boeing and connect with industry professionals and leaders.

Most recently, the tour included 10 students who visited Boeing’s satellite division.

Said Senior Lab Manager for the AME Department  Jeffrey Vargas: “We got to see multiple satellite projects that [Boeing] was working on. Each project was at a different development stage so in essence we got to see the life cycle of satellite development.”

Students also had access to key personnel during a panel which included a systems chief engineer, director of operations and manufacturing, senior financial analyst and level three electric engineer from Boeing.

“The students were able to establish a network with those they met, which is perhaps the most valuable things students were able to take from the event,” Vargas said.

Previously, ten AME students, along with Senior Lab Manager Rod Yates, visited the Long Beach C-17 engineering labs, where Boeing engineers test their electronics with a flight simulator and full-size training cockpit. At this event, three Boeing executives and 10 engineers participated in a roundtable.



Published on July 11th, 2022

Last updated on July 11th, 2022