Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Media Coverage

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Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2017

From the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and it’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing – led by brilliant Professor SK Gupta, of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and of Computer Science

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It’s the Perfect Surfer Wave – in the Middle of Nowhere and 100 Miles from any Ocean

Nov 03, 2017

Research by Adam Fincham to develop a machine that produces the perfect surfing wave was mentioned.

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New App Replaces Ultrasound with Smartphone Camera to Measure Heart Health

Sep 10, 2017

Assistant Professor Niema Pahlevan, alongside engineers at Caltech, design an app that utilizes the camera on your smartphone to noninvasively provide detailed information about your heart’s health.

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Soft materials: A remedy for thinning hair

Aug 30, 2017

Assistant Professor Mitul Luhar explains how the “hair” within the bodies of living systems responds to fluid flow

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Total Solar Eclipse To Offer Great Learning Opportunity Monday

Aug 18, 2017

Professor Michael Kezirian and aerospace students, making up the USC-NASA Solar Eclipse Balloon Team, are launching a High Altitude Balloon in Idaho Falls to study the Total Solar Eclipse.

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“Advanced Robotic Finishing” Named Finalists of the KUKA Innovation Award

Jun 23, 2017

A team of students and staff from USC’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing, led by the center’s Director S.K. Gupta, awarded for their work on the automation of finishing processes.

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USC Overcomes Crash To Win AIAA’s Remote Aircraft Competition

May 18, 2017

USC students bounced back from a crash to eke out a win in the 2017 AIAA Design Build Fly contest.

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Here’s where small companies can access robotics, 3-D printers and a sharp workforce

May 12, 2017

The LA Times featured CAM as a resource to educate students and to provide support to companies seeking to participate in innovation in manufacturing

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Old documents shine new light on NASA’s plan to send a solar sail to Halley’s Comet

May 08, 2017

Carl Berglund, Viterbi alumnus and retired JPL engineer, worked on the world’s first solar sail.

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USC Graduate Students Work To Improve Drone Technologies

Mar 03, 2017

Experimental work of department Chair Geoff Spedding and his Ph.D. students on small scale aerodynamics, applicable to small drones

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An Interview with Niema Pahlevan, PhD

Jan 10, 2017

Assistant Professor Niema Pahlevan explains how his iPhone application may be able to replace traditional imaging machines in determining the health of a patient’s circulation.

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The Immigration Tide

Jul 12, 2016

An op-ed by Bodgan Marcu on the importance of integration for a successful immigrant experience featured.

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Kelly Slater Built the Perfect Wave. Can He Sell It to the World?

May 25, 2016

Kelly Slater tests Adam Fincham’s wave pool and attempts to market it to the world.

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The Super-Steel For Next Gen Body Armour

Apr 10, 2016

Professor Eliasson, along with a team of US scientists, funded by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency, have just created a steel alloy of record-breaking strength.

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Breast Cancer Survival Strongly Depends On Where First Metastases Develops

Nov 26, 2015

Professor Paul Newton discusses his latest research on breast cancer.