Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering News

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USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory Breaks Record

Mar 16, 2017

Student-run RPL launches rocket of own design to 144,000 feet

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S.K. Gupta named holder of the Smith International Professorship in Mechanical Engineering

Mar 10, 2017

Professor S.K. Gupta, a world-renowned expert in advanced manufacturing, will also head the Center for Advanced Manufacturing.

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Manufacturing For A Better Tomorrow

Mar 06, 2017

The opening of the USC Viterbi Center for Advanced Manufacturing promises to help usher in a new age how things are made.

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The Best And The Brightest

Mar 01, 2017

USC Viterbi alumnus Jung Kian Ng Jung has won a prestigious Rhodes Scholarship and will pursue graduate studies at England’s Oxford University.

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From 32nd Street to Wall Street, how ‘the Toussaint method’ works

Feb 27, 2017

This engineering student is an extracurricular extraordinaire with a drive towards leadership.

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‘We didn’t want to just give them a glass of clean water for a day’

Feb 22, 2017

Kirsten Rice empowers communities in developing countries to produce their own clean water

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Making StarSCream Transform

Feb 16, 2017

The AeroDesign Team held their Critical Design Review for this year’s competition plane, StarSCream

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Controlling Hypersonic Airflow

Feb 09, 2017

Assistant Professor Ivan Bermejo-Moreno investigates strategies to control air dynamics and reduce stress on aircraft engines

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USC Viterbi Center for Advanced Manufacturing to Open in February

Jan 20, 2017

Center will be the SoCal node of a new multi-university DOD grant on robotics

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“Aviate, Navigate, Communicate”: The Rules of Flying

Dec 20, 2016

How Wyatt Sadler, founding member, pilot and industry advisor of USC’s AeroDesign Team, took his childhood hobby to the next level.

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Mitul Luhar Awarded Air Force Young Investigator Grant

Nov 30, 2016

Assistant Professor Mitul Luhar was awarded a $360,000 grant to research turbulence control using porous and patterned surfaces

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Racing to the Top

Nov 14, 2016

The USC Racing team designs a car worthy of the FSAE leaders’ board

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Aboard the Spirit of Freedom

Nov 09, 2016

David Long had the power of the USS George Washington at his fingertips, now he is pursuing a Masters in engineering

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Rise Of A Leader Engineer

Nov 02, 2016

Shana Douglass turns obstacles into opportunities

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Eva Kanso Awarded $1 Million NSF INSPIRE Grant

Sep 29, 2016

AME Associate Professor Eva Kanso receives NSF INSPIRE grant to study bacteria-host interaction

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Anne Patricia Suntano: Living the Trojan Values

Sep 29, 2016

One of Forbes’ “50 Most Powerful Businesswomen in Asia,” alumna embodies courage, ambition and discipline

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Testing Drones and Building Mobile Games

Aug 11, 2016

Students in the USC – Base 11 Summer Mentorship Program complete inaugural session

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Escape Velocity Episode 2 “The Escape of Bogdan Marcu”

Jun 15, 2016

A rocket scientist’s journey from behind the Iron Curtain to the frontiers of space