Dual Degrees: M.S. Aerospace Engineering / Engineering Management and M.S. Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Management


Admission requirements follow the general admission rules for aerospace and mechanical engineering graduate programs. For admission requirements, refer to Viterbi Graduate Degrees and Requirements at USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

The Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering in conjunction with the Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering offers programs leading to the degrees of Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Management and Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering/Engineering Management. These programs are designed for graduate aerospace and mechanical engineers whose career objectives lead to increasing technical management responsibilities.


In addition to the general requirements of the Viterbi School of Engineering, the M.S. in Mechanical Engineering/Engineering Management and M.S. in Aerospace Engineering/Engineering Management require a 3.0 GPA and completion of a minimum of 46 units with the following distribution:

A minimum of 18 units of graduate-level course work in AME approved by an AME academic advisor including:

  • 4 units of Applied Mathematics Coursework. Choose from:
    • AME 525 Linear Algebra in Engineering Science (4 units)
    • AME 526 Partial Differential Equations for Engineering Applications (4 units)
    • AME 540 Probability and Statistics in Engineering Science (4 units)
  • 14 additional units of AME graduate-level elective course work
    • Elective courses include any AME graduate-level course. Note that choice of electives may allow you to satisfy an optional specialization below.
  • A minimum of 20 units of graduate-level course work in ISE, approved by an ISE academic advisor and chosen from the course list under Master of Science in Engineering Management
  • Remaining units for the 46 needed can be selected from 400- or 500-level courses in AME and/or ISE as approved by the ISE academic advisor to form a coherent program.
  • No more than 15 units may be at the 400 level.


AME offers a number of specializations within the fields of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. Students may specialize by selecting their 14 units of AME graduate course electives from one of the AME specializations. Students in the M.S. in AE/EM program may select AME courses from an AE specialization and students in the ME/EM program may select AME courses from a ME specialization. Note that AE or ME specializations do not appear on transcripts or diplomas.

Some specializations offer courses outside of AME; keep in mind that all 14 units of electives must be from the AME Department and cross-listed classes count as AME department courses. Some specializations require more than 14 units; in this case, students may work with the ISE academic advisor to determine if taking additional AME coursework within the remaining units to add to 48 is appropriate.

Published on January 5th, 2021

Last updated on July 3rd, 2024