2018 Awards

Departmental Awards

Eyre Associates Award for Outstanding Achievement

The Eyre Associates award recognized an aerospace or mechanical engineering student who has demonstrated outstanding academic excellence throughout their undergraduate academic career. This award honors the Eyre Associates’ contributions over many years to the support and development of the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Winner: James Gabbard

The Tony Maxworthy Award

Professor Tony Maxworthey was a leading light in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from his arrival in 1967 to his passing in 2013. He was a Distinguished University Professor and recipient of numerous awards in his illustrious life, but he always drew considerable joy and satisfaction from teaching our undergraduate project labs. His research was always characterized by an elegance and incisiveness where any given experiment often proved to be the defining study of its time. This award is therefore given to the student work that most closely exemplifies this combination of experimental and analytical elegance for which “TMax” was famous.

Winners: Justin Jenkins, Enrique Jacobo, Megan Gray

The Laufer Prize for Outstanding Achievement

was chairman for 19 years. He was an internationally known experimentalist in fluid mechanics and had an illustrious career at Cal Tech, NBS, and JPL in addition to USC. He was also instrumental in developing the Senior Experimental Projects Laboratory course (AME 441). This award was established in his honor to recognize the student(s) with the most outstanding project in the AME 441 course.

Winners: Johann Freeberg, James Blakely, Jacob Hogge

The Bleeker Award for Superb Craftsmanship

Al Bleeker was an enthusiastic, dedicated supporter of undergraduate experimental studies. As a friend, technician, and teacher, AL counseled over two generations of laboratory students. This award for excellence and imagination in the design and construction of experiments during the senior year course is presented as a tribute to Al’s contributions.

Winner: Johann Freeberg

AME Student Achievement Award for Outstanding Ingenuity and Performance

These awards are given to the students in the AME Senior Projects Laboratory who have shown outstanding ingenuity and performance in the design, construction, and testing of their senior project.

Winners: Ryan  Murrieta, Patrick McDonnell, Alyssa Perez, Collin Russell, Clark Rothenberg, George Miller, Katelyn Gerlach, Will Clontz, Derek Schinke, Ivan Fuentes

AME Academic Excellence Award

Winner: Rishi Malhan 

University Awards

Best Dissertation

AME Winner: Bo Cheng Jin, Development of Composite Oriented Strand Board and Structures

Best Research Assistant

AME Winner: Abbasali Davani Davari

Phi Kappa Phi List

Winner: Dylan L. Vassberg

Outstanding Achievement by a Transfer Student

Winner: Edson Hernandez

Neighborhood Service Award

Winner: Natasha Fernando

Outstanding Achievement in Leadership

Winner: Shana Douglass

Viterbi Award for Best Design Team

Winner: Aerodesign Team

Published on August 15th, 2019

Last updated on August 19th, 2019