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For information about typical job duties, salary, job outlook, required skills and steps to landing a job in the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering field:

Viterbi Gateway

Viterbi Gateway will make it easy for you to search for engineering internship/co-op and full time jobs and give you access to information about Viterbi specific events and resources that include a customized resume builder.

Want to Find an Engineering Internship or Qualify for On-Campus Interviews? Get Started Now!

  1. Log-in to Viterbi Career Gateway using your USC e-mail and password.
  2. Click on the tab near the top of the page called Profile to update your personal and academic information.
  3. First read about On-Campus Recruiting, then sign the On-Campus Recruiting Contract in order to qualify for interviews hosted on campus in Viterbi Career Services.
  4. Make sure you update and upload your resume and cover letter in the Documents section before you apply to any jobs. The Resume Builder Function under the Resources section will help you draft your resume.
  5. Click on the tab near the top of the page called Jobs and Internships to start applying to engineering opportunities.

Viterbi Career Gateway is your primary resource for finding most engineering and computer science postings, but you will also want to periodically check connectSC, USC’s job search site, which may include a few postings from additional engineering employers.

On-Campus Employment

For information about where to find on-campus employment and how to apply: Resources for Finding On-Campus Jobs

Viterbi Career Services

Viterbi Career Services can aid with the job search process, including resume writing, interview skills, and much more. It is geared specifically to help USC engineer and computer science students land their perfect job. Viterbi Career Services provides students with resources such as:

USC Career Center

USC Career Center offers career counseling and resources for every step of a student’s career path, from assessment to implementation. USC Career offers a variety of services including:

  • Candid Careers – Insider Information and Advice from USC Alumni
  • Career Network – Exclusive Directory of USC Alumni
  • Interview Module – Record pre-set mock interviews or customize your own
  • Going Global – A guide to help broaden your job search internationally and H-1B information for international students looking to work in the US.
  • Graduate & Post-Doc – Resources and Career Development
  • Career Calendar – Internship Week, Career Fairs, Career Workshops, and More
  • – Utilize social media to connect with alumni working in your future field

All these resources can be accessed by going to connectSC and selecting “Resources” from the toolbar.


Industry Information and Resources

Merger and Acquisition History of Major US Aerospace Companies

In its earlier years, the aerospace industry spawned many small companies to satisfy the demand for innovative and specialized products. As an industry segment matures, however, there is a tendency toward consolidation of the smaller companies into fewer very large companies. Jerry Lockenour has compiled merger and acquisition histories for many of the large players in today’s aerospace market:

Companies are in an almost continual state of mergers and acquisitions. Big companies merge with one another and/or buy smaller companies. On rare occasion the government will step in and prevent the merger of two big companies if the merger might severely limit competition.

The merged company may or may not carry the name of a major acquired company. Examples where names were also merged include Lockheed and Martin into today’s Lockheed Martin and the merger of Northrop and Grumman into today’s Northrop Grumman. And it is quite common for the acquiring company to maintain an operating element at the geographic site of the acquired company. So you will likely find a major operating facility at the parent company site but also several additional operating facilities all over the country often at the original site of acquired companies.

For the major US aerospace companies the attached documents capture the historical picture of the mergers that currently make up those companies. Students may find these documents (right) useful in deciding on career choices in specific locations and in the preparing for interviews with these companies.

Merger and Acquisition History by Company
Analysis of US Aerospace Industry

Analysis of US Aerospace Industry is a listing of product data and other information on aerospace companies in the US. The compilation was done by Jerry Lockenour, a lecturer in AME, based on data found in Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine’s Aerospace Source Book 2009. Updated 8/10/13.

Click here for a FREE subscription to Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine.

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Companies

Buzzfile compiles a listing of size, location, specialty, and some contact information for thousands of U.S. companies in the aerospace and mechanical engineering industries.

Published on November 20th, 2020

Last updated on October 13th, 2022