Outstanding Undergraduate Achievements Recognized in 2019 AME Undergraduate Awards

Graduating students from USC Viterbi School of Engineering were recognized on May 8 at the Undergraduate Viterbi Awards. Highlighted below are honorees from the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

Eyre Associates Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
This award, which recognizes an AME student who has demonstrated academic excellence throughout their undergraduate academic career, honors the Eyre Associates’ contributions over many years to the support and development of the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

2019 Recipients
• Bennett Hazelgrove (Highest GPA in mechanical engineering, RVDT Leadership)
• John Hochschild (Highest GPA in aerospace engineering, aerodynamics research with Dr. Spedding)

Tony Maxworthy Award for Analytic and Experimental Elegance
This award is given to student work that demonstrates an exemplary combination of experimental and analytical elegance for which its namesake, “TMax,” was famous.

2019 Recipients:
• Ana Gabrielian, John Hochschild, Ethan Strijbosch, Ramiro Mendoza: Alternative Wing Loading Distribution to Minimize Induced Drag.

John Laufer Memorial Prize for Outstanding Achievement

John Laufer established the aerospace branch of USC’s AME department in 1964 and served as its chairman for 19 years. In his honor, the department established the John Laufer Memorial Award to recognize the student or students with the most scientifically meritorious project in the Senior Experimental Projects Laboratory.

2019 Recipients:
• Luke Stevens, Joshua Ancheta, Sierra Dean, Darian Wood: Surface-Water-Air-Propulsion system (SWAP)

The Bleeker Award for Superb Craftsmanship

Al Bleeker was an enthusiastic, dedicated supporter of undergraduate experimental studies. As a friend, technician and teacher, Al counseled over two generations of laboratory students. This award honors excellence and imagination in the design and construction of experiments during the senior year laboratory course.

2019 Recipients:
• Bennett Hazlegrove, Ryan Fox, Donghoon Kim, Ross Boothroyd: Investigating Helicopter Brownout Mitigation through Blade Tip Airflow

AME Student Achievement Award for Outstanding Ingenuity and Performance
The Achievement Award is given to the students in the AME Senior projects laboratory who have shown outstanding ingenuity and performance in the design, construction, and testing of their senior project.

2019 Recipients:
• Alejandro Gonzalez, Mark Brizzolara, Nicole Nelson, Sutton Clancy: Impedance Pumping in Parallel with a Compliant Aorta as a Mechanism for Increased Circulation
• Clifford Lester, Cole Pernitsky, Aarya Suryavanshi, Pooja Moolchandani: Propulsion Analysis of a Flapping Fin: The Effects of Curvature Variations

Published on May 16th, 2019

Last updated on March 3rd, 2021