Professor Bo Jin Receives 1st Place in Sustainability Competition

October 16, 2023

Congratulations to Bo Jin, Senior Lecturer of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, for receiving 1st place in the American Society for Composites Sustainability Competition.

This competition, which ran from September 2022 to May 2023, brought together faculty members from around the world to explore ways to recycle and reuse aerospace-grade composites. The competition featured several rounds that culminated in a final presentation.

Jin presented a concept for the recycling, reuse, and transformation of aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite materials for use in wind turbine blades and power devices. Jin carried out Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and design optimizations for this competition. The feasibility of Jin’s concept was confirmed through manufacturing conducted by Advanced Composites Design Team (ACDT) members at USC. Following this, the testing work was outsourced to local companies in LA to assess material and product mechanical properties.

Jin’s achievement wasn’t a solo one, as his team includes several ACDT students, making this accomplishment an honor for the organization as well. This success marks the 8th national and international competition award that USC’s ACDT team has received since its inception in 2022.

Published on October 16th, 2023

Last updated on October 16th, 2023