Graduation Appreciation Mention

We here at Viterbi want to take a moment to congratulate our recent graduates. A few days ago on our Instagram, we let newly-graduated students send us pictures. As well as comments on how it feels to be newly graduated/favorite memories. Here are a few graduates we want to mention:

Youssouf Keita image

Youssouf Keita (far right) and his colleagues

Youssouf Keita on how it feels to be newly graduated: “It feels like you finally checked something major off your checklist and you just got one step closer to becoming a real engineer…”





Yasha Haque

Yasha Haque (left) and her mechanical engineering group

Yasha Haque on her favorite memory during her time as a student: “One of our favorite memories was getting to see everyone’s Senior Design Projects at the end of the fall semester. We all worked on projects we were really passionate and excited about so it was awesome to see everyone’s success together! It takes a village to get through mechanical engineering…we were so grateful to be there for each other these past four years. We are forever grateful for USC AME bringing us together!”



Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu Sharma with his diploma

Himanshu Sharma on how he currently feels after graduating: “It feels surreal!🔥”








Jessica Aftosmis

Jessica Aftosmis in front of the Viterbi sign

Jessica Aftosmis on her thoughts on being a graduate: “Definitely surreal! I keep having to remind myself I’m not going back to class in August!”









From feeling excited to appreciating each other, we hope for the best for all our graduates and for your future! You can look at our posts on our Instagram!

Published on May 20th, 2024

Last updated on May 30th, 2024