Advanced Manufacturing


Work in Advanced Manufacturing at USC mainly focuses on Additive Manufacturing, Mechanics-Driven Manufacturing, Flexible Manufacturing Automation, and Smart Manufacturing. Research in the Additive Manufacturing area is making fundamental advances in processes that offer multi-material, multifunctional, and multiresolution capabilities. We are also studying topics related to process modeling, device demonstration, and design for additive manufacturing. The research on Mechanics-Driven Manufacturing involves the development of mechanics-driven processes such as buckling, transfer printing, and self-assembly to create functional material systems and devices. Work in the area of Flexible Manufacturing Automation is focused on rapidly reconfigurable robotics and automation technologies in high-mix applications. This research is building physics-informed AI foundations to realize smart robotic cells for a wide variety of applications such as composite layup, collaborative assembly, kitting, finishing, inspection and machine tending. Work in the area of Smart Manufacturing is focused on utilizing sensors, networking, and machine learning to improve manufacturing operations. Research in this area is focused on improving process modeling and control, efficient resource utilization and optimization, and energy-efficient manufacturing.

Published on December 9th, 2022

Last updated on December 9th, 2022